what is the best way to clean mirrors and Glass.

Until the Forties, our grandparents weren’t victimization rather more than water and a towel to wash their glass surfaces. Today’s glass cleaners contain any range of ingredients that do everything from binding to dirt (so that it comes off easier) to providing fragrance (so you don’t have to be compelled to smell the opposite chemicals). industrial glass cleaners sometimes do a good job of taking out mud whereas effort a streak-free shine, however at what cost?

The safest thanks to clean your glass is to urge back to basics: Use water and one thing to wipe it off with. Use a lint-free artifact to wipe the glass down, and if required follow that with crumpled-up newspaper to urge a streak-free shine. have you ever already cut out the newspaper? Tear a sheet out of that previous phone book. Or use a filter (preferably one made of recycled paper).

The glass cleaner recipes area unit is simple to create and use. If you’re simply switching to home-cured cleaners, this is often the foremost gratifying modification you’ll create. Here area unit many of our favorite recipes.


Commercial glass cleaners contain detergents that may leave residue on your glass. after you begin victimization natural cleaners, a number of the streaks on your glass surfaces area unit possible the residue leftover from your previous cleaners. Adding natural soap to your initial mixture (such as within the heavy Glass Cleaner below) once switched to a home-cured glass cleaner ought to take away any lingering residue from industrial products. After that, switch to 1 of our alternative glass-cleaning recipes, because the soap can leave its own residue. Thankfully, soap is plant-based instead of petroleum-based.


1/4 cup soap

1-quart water

Add the soap to the water and blend well. Spray-on glass surface as required and wipe dry.

SIMPLE STEPS: Don’t reach for Windex. simply add a cup of booze to our general Vinegar Spray (23) for a non-toxic glass cleaner that’s powerful on dirt and leaves a streak-free shine.


cup white distilled vinegar ½–1 cup water

This simple spray can get your glass or mirrors sparkling clean. combine white distilled vinegar with water. simply spray on and so, to stop streaks, use crumpled newspaper or a lint-free artifact to shine till dry.

When you begin cleanup with vinegar, the smell may well be unpleasant till you become aware of the absence of chemical fragrances. to assist ease the transition, contemplate this fun twist on our base formula.


Add lemon, lime, or orange peels to an instrumentality of vinegar and let sit for a minimum of one week. Use this vinegar to combine the bottom Vinegar Glass Spray. Strain to stop your spray bottle from impeding.


cup recent juice (strain the pulp out) one quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray (26)
Add the juice to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray and blend well. Spray as required and wipe dry.


10–20 drops of your favorite home-cured extract (try peppermint, cinnamon, or one among the citrus extracts; see “Clean Air,” 70)

1 quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray (26)

Add the extract to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray and blend well.

SIMPLE STEPS: Avoid any lingering vinegar smell by adding essential oils or extracts to your home-cured solutions.


10–20 drops of your favorite ascension volatile oil (try lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, or Roman or German chamomile)

1 quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray

Add the volatile oil to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray and blend well. Shake well before every use.


Adding cornflour to your base formula can facilitate scale-back streaks on the glass.

1 tablespoon cornflour

1 quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray

Add the cornflour to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray a bit at a time, commixture well as you go. Heating the bottom spray can facilitate the cornflour to dissolve.


Grain alcohol can facilitate scale-back streaks. The quick evaporation of alcohol prevents streaks and spots from forming because the water dries.

1 cup ethanol (vodka)

1 quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray

Add the booze to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray and blend well.


Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties, which means they will inhibit the expansion of, or maybe kill sure bacterium and fungi. Adding any of those essential oils to glass cleaners or alternative surface cleaners can take away not solely fingerprints however alternative doubtless illness-inducing germs still.


10–20 drops of any of the subsequent essential oils (mix and match!): cinnamon, clove, tea tree, or thyme one quart Base Vinegar Glass Spray.

Add the essential oils to your Base Vinegar Glass Spray and blend well. Shake well before every use.

SIMPLE STEPS: bog down on the amount of cleanup provides you wish. Our non-toxic general solutions and glass-cleaning solutions may be used interchangeably.

Simple Glass Cleaner different

Some folks swear by drinking water to wash their glass. merely pour drinking water into a twig bottle, spritz on your glass, and wipe with a lint-free artifact. Why would possibly it work? the foremost plausible theory is as a result of it contains metallic element turn, Associate in Nursing ingredient in several detergents, that use mineral power to extend its effectiveness.97 We’re pretty certain you may merely use water, though, and save many greenbacks.