Sponsored: To the rescue of mature skin

Anti-aging serums are far from equal. However, there is a new elixir of youth that restores radiance and freshness to mature skin!

When the symptoms of menopause appear, the epidermis seems to be severely affected: wrinkles, loss of tone, and dryness seem more visible than ever when you get out of bed. But do not panic! At any age, you can turn the tide and restore radiance and beauty to your skin with appropriate care.

A new way to smooth and soothe

As we know, when menopause and the hormonal slowdown begin, many women see their skin dry out markedly. In fact, it loses 57% of its lipids, which results in a very dry, dull, thinned, and weakened epidermis. “After menopause, the sebaceous glands are much less numerous and active,” says Dr. Sarah Gora, Ph.D., Vichy Canada’s Medical and Scientific Relations Officer. This lipid drop increases skin water loss and leads to the disappearance of the superficial layers of the skin, which becomes drier, less supple, and less toned. A solution to this problem? Equip yourself with a beauty ally like the Neovadiol Magistral elixir from Vichy, which will help to compensate for the lack of lipids and help nourish the skin.

The Secret: Omega Fatty Acids

The importance of incorporating foods containing omega – such as coconut oil, salmon, and avocado – into your diet is recognized, and the ability of these fatty acids to reduce inflammation and the risk of many diseases has been demonstrated. But the benefits of omega extend to the whole body, and therefore to the skin.

As soon as it is applied to mature skin, the Neovadiol Magistral elixir from Vichy puts its three key ingredients to work, omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. all skin layers by fully nourishing the skin. Under their action, the epidermis becomes denser, revitalized, and illuminated. “Thanks to the shea butter, rice bran oil, and safflower oil (three ingredients that are perfect for the skin) it contains, the treatment provides an immediate protective effect,” adds Dr. Gora. In addition, in barely an hour, the epidermis is fortified and luminous.

The elixir: instructions for use

Those who use nourishing oils for the first time will be delighted: unlike its traditional equivalents, the elixir of Vichy has a “dry” texture that leaves no sticky or greasy feeling on the epidermis. “We were able to formulate a treatment with a dry, non-greasy finish by creating a balance between active and modified oils,” says Dr. Gora. Result: better fluidity, easier application, and faster penetration.” This multifunctional oil can be used in different ways:

1. As a serum, twice a day, under your day or night moisturizer;

2. Like a balm, by mixing one or two drops of elixir with your usual body care;

3. As a mask, once a week, to fully nourish the skin of your face. Apply 8 to 10 drops, leave on for 10 minutes, then blot off the excess.